Gundam Fix Figuration 0025 RX-105 XI

Gundam Fix Figuration 0025 RX-105 XI
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Product Description

Gundam Fix Figuration 0025 RX-105 XI
Made by Bandai, Imported from Japan.

Gundam Fix Figuration is a High Quailty Action Figures are like combining the best qualities of a 1/144 model and a professional scratch build.

Each one is hand-painted making every single figure unique. Tiny caution markings all over the body and weapons gives it that look of painstacking detail that a modeler might put into his work. The paint job is dead on too.

A radical, never seen before, now coming out in Fix Figuration series From the Hathaway's Flash manga "RX-105 XI Gundam" designed by Yasuhiro Moriki.

Armaments include Beam Barrier, Beam Saber x 2, Beam Rifle, Shield Missiles, Elbow Missile Launcher x 2, Knee Missile Launcher x 2, Sand Barrel, Funnels, and Psycommu System.